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Josephine Donovan After the Fall

A continuation of Josephine Donovan's exploration of American women's literary traditions, begun with New England Local Color Literature: A Women's Tradition , which treats the nineteenth-century realists, this work analyzes the writing of major women writers of the early twentieth century—Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, and Ellen Glasgow. The author sees the Demeter-Persephone myth as central to these writers' thematics, but interprets the myth in terms of the historical transitions taking place in turn-of-the-century America. Donovan focuses on the changing relationship between mothers and daughters—in particular upon the "new women's" rebellion against the traditional women's culture of their nineteenth-century mothers (both literary and literal). An introductory chapter traces the male-supremacist ideologies that formed the intellectual climate in which these women wrote. Reorienting Wharton, Cather, and Glasgow within women's literary traditions produces major reinterpretations of their works, including such masterpieces as Ethan Frome , Summer , My Antonia , Barren Ground , and others.

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Jennifer L. Morgan Laboring Women

When black women were brought from Africa to the New World as slave laborers, their value was determined by their ability to work as well as their potential to bear children, who by law would become the enslaved property of the mother's master. In Laboring Women: Reproduction and Gender in New World Slavery , Jennifer L. Morgan examines for the first time how African women's labor in both senses became intertwined in the English colonies. Beginning with the ideological foundations of racial slavery in early modern Europe, Laboring Women traverses the Atlantic, exploring the social and cultural lives of women in West Africa, slaveowners' expectations for reproductive labor, and women's lives as workers and mothers under colonial slavery. Challenging conventional wisdom, Morgan reveals how expectations regarding gender and reproduction were central to racial ideologies, the organization of slave labor, and the nature of slave community and resistance. Taking into consideration the heritage of Africans prior to enslavement and the cultural logic of values and practices recreated under the duress of slavery, she examines how women's gender identity was defined by their shared experiences as agricultural laborers and mothers, and shows how, given these distinctions, their situation differed considerably from that of enslaved men. Telling her story through the arc of African women's actual lives—from West Africa, to the experience of the Middle Passage, to life on the plantations—she offers a thoughtful look at the ways women's reproductive experience shaped their roles in communities and helped them resist some of the more egregious effects of slave life. Presenting a highly original, theoretically grounded view of reproduction and labor as the twin pillars of female exploitation in slavery, Laboring Women is a distinctive contribution to the literature of slavery and the history of women.

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Anne Rasmussen Women, the Recited Qur'an, and Islamic Music in Indonesia

Women, the Recited Qur'an, and Islamic Music in Contemporary Indonesia takes readers to the heart of religious musical praxis in Indonesia, home to the largest Muslim population in the world. Anne K. Rasmussen explores a rich public soundscape, where women recite the divine texts of the Qur'an, and where an extraordinary diversity of Arab-influenced Islamic musical styles and genres, also performed by women, flourishes. Based on unique and revealing ethnographic research beginning at the end of Suharto's «New Order» and continuing into the era of «Reformation,» the book considers the powerful role of music in the expression of religious nationalism. In particular, it focuses on musical style, women's roles, and the ideological and aesthetic issues raised by the Indonesian style of recitation.

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Minke de Vries The Fruits of Grace

Before Taize, there was Grandchamp. The lesser-known Protestant women's community, initiated in 1936, grew out of generations of women's groups in French-speaking Switzerland. It was heavily influenced by Wilfred Monod, the Student Christian movement, Swiss Reformed efforts at liturgical renewal, and Bonhoeffer's Life Together. It was deeply affected by the angst generated by World War II and the search by European Christians for new ways to be Christian. This volume by the third prioress of the Community of Grandchamp in Switzerland reflects on the origins of the community, the sources and development of its spirituality, and on its ministries. Foci include the involvement of the community in the ecumenical movement and in mission around the world. There is also important new information about its interaction with Taize, Catholic religious communities, and the women themselves, as individuals and as a community. Sister Minke de Vries also provides an intimate view into the inner workings of a women's community and the structures of the spiritual practices of the Community of Grandchamp. The Fruits of Grace is a powerful analysis of a European Protestant women's monastic community.

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Canyon Sam Sky Train

Through a lyrical narrative of her journey to Tibet in 2007, activist Canyon Sam contemplates modern history from the perspective of Tibetan women. Traveling on China's new «Sky Train,» she celebrates Tibetan New Year with the Lhasa family whom she'd befriended decades earlier and concludes an oral-history project with women elders.As she uncovers stories of Tibetan women's courage, resourcefulness, and spiritual strength in the face of loss and hardship since the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1950, and observes the changes wrought by the controversial new rail line in the futuristic «new Lhasa,» Sam comes to embrace her own capacity for letting go, for faith, and for acceptance. Her glimpse of Tibet's past through the lens of the women – a visionary educator, a freedom fighter, a gulag survivor, and a child bride – affords her a unique perspective on the state of Tibetan culture today – in Tibet, in exile, and in the widening Tibetan diaspora.Gracefully connecting the women's poignant histories to larger cultural, political, and spiritual themes, the author comes full circle, finding wisdom and wholeness even as she acknowledges Tibet's irreversible changes.

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Teresa Anne Murphy Citizenship and the Origins of Women's History in the United States

Women's history emerged as a genre in the waning years of the eighteenth century, a period during which concepts of nationhood and a sense of belonging expanded throughout European nations and the young American republic. Early women's histories had criticized the economic practices, intellectual abilities, and political behavior of women while emphasizing the importance of female domesticity in national development. These histories had created a narrative of exclusion that legitimated the variety of citizenship considered suitable for women, which they argued should be constructed in a very different way from that of men: women's relationship to the nation should be considered in terms of their participation in civil society and the domestic realm. But the throes of the Revolution and the emergence of the first woman's rights movement challenged the dominance of that narrative and complicated the history writers' interpretation of women's history and the idea of domestic citizenship. In Citizenship and the Origins of Women's History in the United States , Teresa Anne Murphy traces the evolution of women's history from the late eighteenth century to the time of the Civil War, demonstrating that competing ideas of women's citizenship had a central role in the ways those histories were constructed. This intellectual history examines the concept of domestic citizenship that was promoted in the popular writing of Sarah Josepha Hale and Elizabeth Ellet and follows the threads that link them to later history writers, such as Lydia Maria Child and Carolyn Dall, who challenged those narratives and laid the groundwork for advancing a more progressive woman's rights agenda. As woman's rights activists recognized, citizenship encompassed activities that ranged far beyond specific legal rights for women to their broader terms of inclusion in society, the economy, and government. Citizenship and the Origins of Women's History in the United States demonstrates that citizenship is at the heart of women's history and, consequently, that women's history is the history of nations.

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Natasha Korda Shakespeare's Domestic Economies

Shakespeare's Domestic Economies explores representations of female subjectivity in Shakespearean drama from a refreshingly new perspective, situating The Taming of the Shrew , The Merry Wives of Windsor , Othello , and Measure for Measure in relation to early modern England's nascent consumer culture and competing conceptions of property. Drawing evidence from legal documents, economic treatises, domestic manuals, marriage sermons, household inventories, and wills to explore the realities and dramatic representations of women's domestic roles, Natasha Korda departs from traditional accounts of the commodification of women, which maintain that throughout history women have been «trafficked» as passive objects of exchange between men. In the early modern period, Korda demonstrates, as newly available market goods began to infiltrate households at every level of society, women emerged as never before as the «keepers» of household properties. With the rise of consumer culture, she contends, the housewife's managerial function assumed a new form, becoming increasingly centered around caring for the objects of everyday life—objects she was charged with keeping as if they were her own, in spite of the legal strictures governing women's property rights. Korda deftly shows how their positions in a complex and changing social formation allowed women to exert considerable control within the household domain, and in some areas to thwart the rule of fathers and husbands.

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Группа авторов Afrocubanas

Originally published in Spanish and edited by Cuban historian Daisy Rubiera Castillo and playwright and theater critic Inés María Martiatu Terry, this ground-breaking edited collection is the first work of its kind. It places the experiences of black and mulata women at the center of Cuban history. Including essays from a mix of well-known and newly published Cuban authors, the volume examines the lives of Afrocubanas from the late nineteenth century to the present. The volume’s contributors collect and interrogate the voices of black Cuban women and the political, cultural, social, and ideological contributions they have made to the history of their nation. One of the unique qualities of Afrocubanas is that the text is the product of a grassroots community working group in Havana. A number of antiracist organizations emerged to fight racial inequality in light of Cuba’s new economic challenges after the fall of its chief trading partner, the Soviet Union in 1991. But, the Afrocubanas Project (founded in the mid-2000s) is one of the few groups that challenges racism and sexism together. The members of the Afrocubanas Project hail from a variety of professions, ages, and sexual orientations. They share a collective interest in challenging negative stereotypes about black women. This volume merges their activism and scholarship to offer a counter discourse to existing narratives about black women in Cuba while also creating and disseminating new knowledge about Afrocubanas. There is no other published work in English devoted to analyzing the political and intellectual dimensions of black Cuban women’s thought across the island’s history. This text is essential reading for scholars and students of Africana Studies, Afro-Latin American Studies, Caribbean history, and courses focusing on black women in the Atlantic region.

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Women's Bags | ZARA Germany

Women’s bags can be smart or casual, big or small, but always should be functional and fashionable.The collection features bags to suit all manner of needs and situations.Crossbody, bucket bags and shoulder bags make for easy everyday companions, whether used for work or running errands; rucksacks and backpacks are useful and supportive holdalls for belongings such as books and laptops as ...

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WOMEN’S HANDBAGS GIVE YOUR STYLE A TOUCH OF PERSONALITY. Express your true self with your unique handbag. Be the trendsetter you are and inspire the world around you. Curiosity leads to creativity, which means your style options will expand, grow and be even more unique with one of our ladies purses and women’s bags. You’ll be an ...

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Designer Bags: The Ultimate Style Symbol. From luxurious leather purses boasting dazzling metallic hardware to chic contemporary clutches flaunting patterns, spikes and sparkles, women's designer bags have come a long way since their inception, catering to every taste and predilection.. No matter which designer handbag you’re dreaming of, you’re guaranteed to find one you love.

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There are some bags that are offered to women at high prices and this is because they are of famous brands or they may be encrusted with diamonds which make them luxurious and costly for many women. To discover more about these bags, their brands and prices, take a look at the following top 10 most expensive women’s bags.

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Collecting handbags, when done well, can arguably be considered an art form. In homage to that, here are the 10 bags every woman should have in her closet— get your check list started.

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Women’s Bags. Introducing Olympia from the Autumn/Winter 2020 runway. House signatures evolve in fresh shapes and fabrications, from flocked Monogram to check cashmere and tartan wool.

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Women’s Bags. For classic style, you can’t beat our totes and satchels. You’ll find the perfect bag in our new-season collection of Tommy Hilfiger women’s bags and backpacks. Whether you’re looking for a pretty clutch or a durable yet stylish tote, our latest collection will be your go-to choice for buying women’s bags online. Our Tommy Logo Satchel will take you from the office to ...

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Women's cheap bags come in endless colors, so it's easy and fun to choose several styles and colors for whatever your mood is that day. You can also bring along an extra purse to switch out if you need something smaller and lightweight if you're just running a few errands, then switch back to your standard, larger cheap bag to carry the rest when you have need to carry those items with you. It ...

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Women's Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Bag for Women - Brown Leather Purse & Handbag for Women. 4.3 out of 5 stars 25. $74.99 $ 74. 99. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon (some sizes/colors) COACH Signature PVC Zip Tote. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,197. $142.99 $ 142. 99. FREE Shipping. Best Seller in Sports Duffel Bags. Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment, Travel Duffel ...

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Most Iconic It Bags Of All Time: A History of Handbags

The It bag, or an iconic, classic handbag has never gone out of style. From Audrey Hepburn toting her Speedy en route to the airport or Grace Kelly and her namesake Hermes bag, women have always ...

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Women's bags (275 products) Recommendation . Hot; New; Recommendation $ High to Low $ Low to High; Reviews; Show 120. Show 60; Show 120; Show 180; Priority Shipping. 1; 2; 3 > 1; Halloween Pumpkin Bat Chain Crossbody Bag. 20.99 32.11. Square Music Tapes Chain Crossbody Bag. 18.73 32.88. Cute Ghost Pattern Leather Mini Tote Bag . 15.99 25.58. Plain Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag. 11.99 19.06. Buy ...

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bags for women Chic and practical, handbags are a great way to express your personal style while keeping all your daily essentials close. Whether you love a large, roomy tote bag or shopper, or prefer a sleek crossbody bag or chic mini, you'll find a fabulous range of women's bags in our latest accessories collection.

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Women’s bags can be smart or casual, big or small, but always should be functional and fashionable.The collection features bags to suit all manner of needs and situations.Crossbody, bucket bags and shoulder bags make for easy everyday companions, whether used for work or running errands; rucksacks and backpacks are useful and supportive holdalls for belongings such as books and laptops as ...

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Women leather bags and other leather goods such as handbags, wallets, women backpacks or accessories now available for viewing on our Hermès official site

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Women's Handbags & Shoulder Bags. Featured categories. Hobos & Shoulder Bags. Totes. Cross-Body Bags. Clutches. Fashion Backpacks. Top-Handle Bags. Wristlets. See product details. Customers also bought Recommended for you price £ 22. 00. Under Armour Unisex Patterson Backpack Backpack 308. price £ 22. 01. £58.00 Kipling Women's Arto S Handbags 510. price £ 41. 52. £83.00 Kipling Women's ...

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Classy leather bags for women Women’s bags by the Munich label AIGNER promise timeless design paired with traditional leatherwork craftsmanship, the best quality leather and well thought-out functionality. Whether it’s the everyday all-rounder, the shopping bag, the evening bag or the weekender, and whether in pink, black or the typical AIGNER ‘Chianti red’: leather bags of the ...

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The Chapman women's range consists of canvas bags, shoulder bags, rucksacks, tote bags, tweed & leather bags, handbags and plenty more, including essential little accessories. We also divide them broadly between our main collections of Chapman Original and Modern British. All of our women’s bags are made in our workshop in Cumbria, England and we strive for nothing but quality and excellence.

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Mini Bags for Women (82) Top Handle Bags for Women (65) Backpacks for Women (7) New this season (17) Clutches for Women (15) Line. All; Broadway (6) Dionysus (38) GG Marmont (68) Gucci Horsebit 1955 (40) Gucci Zumi (22) Jackie 1961 (14) Neo Vintage (2) Ophidia (37) Padlock (12) Rajah (5) Soho (3) Sylvie (8) Sylvie 1969 (25) Filters. You can select several options at once. Close Apply. Sort by ...

Bag - Wikipedia

Bags have been attested for thousands of years and have been used by both men and women. Bags have been prevalent as far back as ancient Egypt.Many hieroglyphs depict males with bags tied around their waist. The Bible mentions pouches, especially with regard to Judas Iscariot carrying one around, holding his personal items.

Woman Shopping Bags Images, Stock Photos & Vectors ...

Find woman shopping bags stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day.

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Our womens bags sale - perfect for picking up a gorgeous bargain to shake up your look. For chic style everyday, leather tote bags are versatile and easy to grab on the go, and when they're a bargain with our womens bags sale, you can get yourself one in every colour. Plain leathers look fab in bold shades like lipstick red and cobalt blue - we ...

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Women's Leather Tote Bags. The Universal Accessory Look into a woman’s handbag, and you’re looking into her life—it’s the one accessory that goes with her everywhere. eBay’s extensive collection of new and pre-owned handbags includes options for every style and situation. And with prices to fit any budget, you dont have to break the bank to shop like a fashionista. Explore eBay’s ...

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"You're a psycho. You're a psychopath." We love Aria and Merle, but is their relationship… real? Find out in this investigative video: https://youtu.be/nDtoI...

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Shop The Viva Womens Leather Cross-Body Bag In Black From Bally. Skip to content. Our Bally boutiques have reopened in accordance with government guidelines, maintaining the highest health and safety standards. For further comments or queries, please contact our Client Services team. Show Promotion Message Hide Promotion Message. United States - $ EN English. Call customer services on ...

11 Best Women’s Golf Bags: Buy & Save (2020) | Heavy.com

When searching for the best women’s golf bags, you’ll want to look for a few important features, including, but limited to, functionality, storage space, size, and, of course, style.

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A metallic white gold leather cross body bag by designer brand Fossil is ideal for the woman who wants an investment bag. The bucket bag has become the key shape to be seen with and is loved for its roominess as well as its chic style. Vera Pelle bucket bags will provide a touch of Italian elegance and can be bought in stylish two tone leather ...

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of women's bags showcases a commitment to craft, elegance and design. HOME; Women; BAGS (70 Results found) Sort by: New Arrivals Price Low to High Price High to Low Best Sellers Filter. Close Filters. Category Backpacks; Cross-body Bags; Mini and Belt Bags; Shoulder Bags; Top Handle Bags; Tote Bags; Color Black; Blue; Brown; burgundy; Grey; Pink; Red; White; Yellow ; Price $0-$250; $250-$500 ...

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Simple Elegant Women Small Shoulder Bag Lady Pure Color Zipper Casual Sling Handbags Features: PU Leather, simple durable. Suitable for travel, casual, shopping. Specification: Main Material: PU Size: 230 X 150 X 80mm/9.06 X 5.91 X 3.15" Handle Height 20cm/7.87" Gender: Women Number Of Straps: Single Usage: Portable, Single Shoulder Design: Pure Color Occasion: Daily, Casual, Shopping, Travel ...

Ava Bag in Triomphe Canvas - Brown|Beige | CELINE


Abingdon In the Light of the New Day

As mothers, daughters, spouses, friends, or co-workers, and daughters of a loving God, women are influencers and role models to the people they interact with every day. But what can women do on a daily basis to show God’s grace and love to others? The 100 devotionals in In the Light of the New Day: Daily Reflections on Finding Your Purpose affirms the reader’s worth and the love God has for them, strengthening them to live their faith in a way that attracts others to the light of the Gospel and the love of God through simple acts of kindness, an encouraging word, or an act of hospitality. Through Scripture, prayer, and thoughtful exploration, this book will strengthen and renew readers so they may live out God’s purpose in their life.

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Группа авторов Empire in the New Testament

How does a Christian render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's? This book is the result of the Bingham Colloquium of 2007 that brought scholars from across North America to examine the New Testament's response to the empires of God and Caesar. Two chapters lay the foundation for that response in the Old Testament's concept of empire, and six others address the response to the notion of empire, both human and divine, in the various authors of the New Testament. A final chapter investigates how the church fathers regarded the matter. The essays display various methods and positions; together, however, they offer a representative sample of the current state of study of the notion of empire in the New Testament.

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Nadje Al-Ali What Kind of Liberation?

In the run-up to war in Iraq, the Bush administration assured the world that America's interest was in liberation—especially for women. The first book to examine how Iraqi women have fared since the invasion, <I>What Kind of Liberation? </I>reports from the heart of the war zone with dire news of scarce resources, growing unemployment, violence, and seclusion. Moreover, the book exposes the gap between rhetoric that placed women center stage and the present reality of their diminishing roles in the «new Iraq.» Based on interviews with Iraqi women's rights activists, international policy makers, and NGO workers and illustrated with photographs taken by Iraqi women, <I>What Kind of Liberation? </I>speaks through an astonishing array of voices. Nadje Al-Ali and Nicola Pratt correct the widespread view that the country's violence, sectarianism, and systematic erosion of women's rights come from something inherent in Muslim, Middle Eastern, or Iraqi culture. They also demonstrate how in spite of competing political agendas, Iraqi women activists are resolutely pressing to be part of the political transition, reconstruction, and shaping of the new Iraq.

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Women Silicone Shoulder Bags 2020 Summer New Korean Version of The Messenger Bag Clutch Handbag Cute Cartoon Wild Crossbody Bags

Sabrina Mahfouz How You Might Know Me

How You Might Know Me is a poetic exploration of four women's lives, connected through their experience in different areas of the UK's growing sex industry. Written following years of workshops and Sabrina's own experience of working in strip-clubs, the collection represents a broad range of backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and political convictions. The characters of Sylvia, Tali, Sharifa and Darina bring challenging and often unexpected perspectives on their work and lives to the reader in electric free verse and quieter, traditional forms. Examining taboos, surprising sexual encounters, the politics of desire, the vastly differing viewpoints on sex work and most prominently, the status of women's equality in the UK today How You Might Know Me is certainly a fiery collection of poetry from one of the country's most exciting new writers.

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Fashion Retro Scrub Hexagon Leather Handbag Women Shoulder Bags 2020 Summer New Korean Version Of The Messenger Bag Women's Bags

Shortage Of Suitable For Women in The Summer Of 2020 The New Fitness Yoga Dance Sport Bra Gray, Pink, Blue, Multi-color Optional

2020 Summer New Small Package Women's Bags Korean Version of the Phone and Change handbag a Lot of the Trend of the Students

Купер Джеймс Фенимор The Ways of The Hour = Новые веяния: роман на англ.яз

The Ways of the Hour was James Fenimore Cooper's last novel, published in 1850. Set in a rural New York county seat outside New York City, it is a courtroom drama of a woman accused of murder and theft, and of the men and women who defend her case. Cooper used the novel, among other things, to express his discontent with changes in New York State's judicial system during the 1840s, with the corruption of courts and juries, and with new ideas of women's rights.

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Charlotte Perkins [Stetson] Gilman Women and Economics

Author of the well-known short story «The Yellow Wallpaper» and other important fiction, Charlotte Perkins [Stetson] Gilman (1860&#8211;1935) was an ardent advocate of women's rights. In this classic feminist treatise, Gilman argues that women's dependence on men for their livelihood results in a state of arrested intellectual and emotional development deleterious to both genders. Moreover, she explains, such reliance causes shortcomings in the human species as a whole.A landmark in feminist theory, Women and Economics was translated into seven languages and hailed as the «Bible» of the women's movement. Although its author's influence declined in the post-World War I period, modern feminists have returned to her still-incisive observations on the role and status of women, establishing Gilman as an important early figure in the struggle for women's economic and social rights. Now Gilman's masterpiece of feminist theory is again available in this modestly priced edition, ready to stimulate and inspire a new generation of women and men engaged in the ongoing fight for gender equality. New Introduction by Sheryl L. Meyering.

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